Summary. Four hundred outpatients were randomly divided into two groups: experimental, treated with topical Oleozon, and control, treated with ketoconazole cream. After the third month of treatment all patients treated with Oleozón had improvement in their condition (9.5%) or were cured (90.5%); in the control group only 13.5% of patients were cured and 27.5% improved. After one year of follow-up, experimental and control groups presented 2.8% and 44.4% of relapses, respectively. No side effects were observed.

Introduction. Onychomycosis is a superficial mycosis resistant to medication. The usual topical treatments cause irritation and are less effective. With new antimycotic drugs the effectiveness has increased, but they are still expensive and persistent disease remains a problem. Taking into account the fungicidal activity of Oleozón, a therapeutic assay in patients suffering from onychomycosis was performed.

Results. At the third month of treatment, sick nails normalized in a higher per cent and in lower time in those patients treated with Oleozón: regression of signs was achieved in some patients from the first month of treatment, while in the control group only slight improvements were seen in the third month.

Discussion. This assay demonstrated the fungicidal activity of topical Oleozón, which doesn’t create pathogen resistance, has good tissue diffusion and is well tolerated by patients without any adverse reactions. The proven bactericidal effect of Oleozón results in the possibility to treat super infected lesion caused by bacteria. The low number of relapses in the cured patients who had been treated with Oleozón (2.8%) during the first year of follow-up is encouraging. Some authors suggest that this product is superior to other commonly used topical or oral antimycotics.

Conclusions. Topical Oleozón can be considered an antifungal medication in the treatment of onychomycosis, with better therapeutic effect than topical ketoconazole. It yields no risk of systemic adverse effects and drug interactions, and it is a low-cost therapy.

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