Abstract. This in vivo study has been conducted to evaluate the clinical effect of the topical application of ozonated oil for 12 weeks on second-degree skin burns. Thirty patients suffering from second-degree skin burns in the phase of reepithelisation were included in this study. Every skin burn was subdivided in two symmetrical parts: one part was treated with occlusive application of ozonated oil; the contralateral part with topical application of hyaluronic acid gel.

Ozonated oil was as effective as hyaluronic acid in improving erythema, tension, itching and burning sensation, and it does not exert a specific anti-angiogenic effect compared to hyaluronic acid. However, it seems more effective than hyaluronic acid in reducing post-lesion hyperpigmentation.

Results. The two treatments led to a significant decrease of erythema, tension, itching and burning sensation reported by patients, with no significant difference between the treatments. Both caused a significant reduction of neoangiogenesis from T0 to T12, parallel between the two treatments. Hyperpigmentations were significantly less intense in the area with ozonated oil.

Discussion. Patients had judged the treatment with ozonated oil as comfortable and effective as the one with hyaluronic acid. Our preliminary results show that ozonated oil is as effective and safe as hyaluronic acid in inducing skin healing after a second-degree burn, when applied during the re-epithelization phase.

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